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January 26 2010


Muhammad Faiz Hasnul

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wwesuperstarreview is fansite of wwe.The site were started created on webs on January 26 2010.The site were later relaunched on May 1 2010 with a new look using css template.


This site were origanally only making a review of WWE Wrestler.But,a few days later this site owner decided to put more info about WWE like Results,Wallpapers,Videos & much more.Then a few weeks later,more features added for the website member & visitors in community.At first the site have an IM by Meebo than a few days later the owner add a Forum for the site member.Than about two month later,a group chat by Chatango were added by the site owner for the site members & visitors.

As the site owner grows more to site building more feature were added to the site like Musics Room,Flash Game,Polls & much more.The feature of Polls were added with the site own feature "Rank of The Week" where people can vote for their favourite Superstar & Diva & the most voted superstar & diva will be shown on the homepage of the website.

Logo Creation



In the late April 2010,the site announce its official logo on its homepage.The owner said,the logo of his site is made by using Studio V5 Logo Maker.He also put "rate" widget for his logo & the average result he got is 5 star.

New Look

In May 1 2010,the site were change it looks into more professional template using CSS.Other than

The new look

its template,the sit owner also add something else like a fixed image of the website logo on the left side of the website.He also added a custom members module.This new look is a css from new look really freshen up the site.

Feature Overview

Feature Name Description Date Added Sponsor
Guestbook This is where the site visitors or members will leave comment about the site January 28 2010 Webs Application
Wallpapers The site owner will post a wallpaper here.The site member also can do the same thing January 29 2010 Webs Application

All the members can watch video about WWE that the owner have posted

January 29 2010 Webs Application
Meebo's IM This is where the site member can chat with each other.The Meebo IM is on the bootom of the page & will scroll as the page scroll just like Facebook IM February 13 2010 Webs Application
Poll This site using this poll in a few pages & use it in their main feature Rank of The Week where it was created as the polls feature added February 22 2010 pollcode
WWE Flash Game This is members only feature.On this feature,they can play various wwe flash game that the owner have created March 12 2010 pictogame
Forum This where members will discuss about anything March 27 2010 Webs Application
Group Chat With a problem of chatting with only a friend & only for member,this site owner have created a group chat where all people can chat including non-members. April 16 2010 chatango
Facebook Connect Now all the members of this site who have Facebook can post the thing they do in the site to their wall in Facebook. April 21 2010 Webs Application,Facebook
Music Rooms All the visitors of this site can hear to WWE Theme Song & Soundtrack in categorised playlist April 28 2010 mixpod


New Home






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